December 15, 2008

Travel Tips: All Pressure on Uncensored Traveler

Local Travel Deals:
If you are planning on traveling within Europe, use the local deals on RyanAir
and EasyJet. Don’t even bother with a EuroPass unless you are planning on taking a train more than 20 times within a month.

Fly Cheap to UK:
If you are planning on going to United Kingdom, book an airfare from USA to Dublin, Ireland and then use local airlines to go from Dublin to London (1 hour flight). It will cost you 1.5 less than a direct flight.

Thanks to My Readers:
Thanks for my readers, I learned about a few more deals and set-ups that could simplify your traveling experience.

Visit American Airlines, as of 2008 American Airlines now fly from Chicago to Moscow’s newly renovated and upgraded International airport, Domodedovo, which is the best alternative to ones of the old and most congested airports, Sheremetyevo-1 (opened in 1959) and Sheremetyevo-2. Domodedovo has been upgraded, renovated and turned into a world class international airport from what used to be a local Russian hub.

Moreover, while the only options of transportation from the airport to the city at Sheremetvevo-1 and -2 were via buses (which take about 1.5-2 hours of drive to the closest metro stop) and via taxis (which were never the first choice option for both Russian and non-Russian visitors due to high tariffs and incremental costs that come out of nowhere and it would cost you more than it would cost you the same distance from New York JFK to the center of NYC), at Domodedovo International Airport you have other, more convenient and cost-efficient, options to get to and fromo the city.

Delta Airlines Fly to Russia too:
Delta Airlines also have direct flights from Atlanta to Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, Russia (SVO). And as much as I support Russian airlines (and they do offer good healthy meals and unlimited amounts of alcohol (peanuts and pretzels will not do for Russian travelers,) I would still prefer to go with an International airline if I have a choice.

Looking for Luxury Event Planners:
If you are going abroad to host a party and you don’t have a limit on your budget - if you are looking to host or throw a grand party for your high profile and demanding friends or clients, go to Quintessentially, a global concierge service. They have offices in almost all European cities, as well as in USA. They can help you to plan anything from taking a helicopter ride to beach, to having black caviar delivered to a terrace of your private suite or to setting up a private chef cooking experience.

Local Activities Where You Travel:
Almost any city offers a website with local activities, from sightseeings to attractions, and if you are planning to visit Washington, DC for holidays or for the upcoming inauguration, there is more to it than the Inauguration Day (January 20th, 2008.) Visit ThingsToDoDC.

Before you plan out a trip based on a guidebook alone, check out online for a local website that lists local activities – most likely you will find something that is not mentioned in a guide book for two reasons: 1. it is a current and most updated activity, 2. it is something so local that even a travel reporter might not have experienced it.

New Baggage Limits in USA:
Two weeks ago we went to Spain via American Airlines. It was to our surprise to find out that the baggage limit for international flights on American Airlines is now 23 pounds per person. Thank god that my boyfriend’s luggage was lighter than mine by 10 pounds and I was able to move my shopping bags and souvenirs to his bag. You, on the other hand, might not get that lucky.

To ensure your travel goes smoothly – know your baggage restrictions and check answers to commonly asked questions in advance. Use the links below to find extensive information pertaining to baggage, including baggage allowances on flights, what constitutes special baggage, and more:

Air Canada
American Airlines
British Airways
Continental Airlines
Delta Airlines
Jet Blue Airlines
Northwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines
United Airlines
US Airways

Talk Shows for Free:
If you are planning to be in Los Angeles or New York, be it over the holidays or all year around, you can fulfill your dream of being on your favorite talk show: David Letterman or Jay Leno, before they leave the networks for a more settled “retirement” future.

Go to CBS site for tickets to The Late Show with David Letterman and to NBC site for tickets to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The tickets are free, but one needs to book it at least a few months in advance.

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