December 2, 2008

Uncensored Traveler’s News

Eurostar - High speed rail travel are set to get even better when Europe’s international passenger railway services are deregulated in 2010.
Fourteen of Ryanair's 166 airplanes will let passengers place calls and send text messages mid-flight, starting in October, reports Jaunted. The service will cost between $3 and $3.65 a minute for making or receiving calls and about 75 cents per text message, adds TechRadar. The service will roll out fleet-wide on European routes over time. But the question to ask: what could be so urgent as to need to text someone from the airplane in flight, especially when you travel using Ryanair, a European only domestic airfare booking site; all flights last no longer than 3 hours when travel between the European countries. Better save that money to get a good espresso or a glass of wine when land.

Singapore Airlines are now flying high thanks to the new Airbus A380.

American Airlines now offer direct flights from Washington, DC to London.

Aeroflot airlines (Russian airlines) closes its Seattle hub, now you can only flight direct flights from USA to Russia either out of New York or Washington, DC.

If you are planning on climbing the 91 steps of the The Pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza, (Mexico), you are now out of luck and might consider going to Tulum instead. As of 2005, no one is allowed on the top due to an accident when a Canadian tourist fell off the pyramid.

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Jeff said...

You cannot climb the Tulum pyramid anymore either. I was there in 2005 and access was closed. I climbed it in 1995- the view was spectacular.