February 9, 2009

Internet favorites offer local gifts with International reach for the Valentine’s Day

If you are still questioning the purpose of Internet and why it’s becoming the next yellow-pages-post-office-shopping mall-encyclopedia of our every day life, you might be the one who is still lagging behind.

Having Internet is wonderful, not only for last minute deals, or last minute information check, but also for anything you want to incorporate in your domestic life that offers “international” services, such as Snapfish (ships internationally), American Greetings (can send a greeting card on any occasion to any internet/email portal) and Amazon (order locally, can ship internationally), among many other “internationally-minded” companies online. (I’m still questioning, thought, why Victoria Secret does not service other countries, my Russian and French girlfriends still make me order from their American site to my home address and re-ship their lingerie overseas.)

Here is what Snapfish offers for the Valentines out there: a free Valentine’s Day-themed album with music and graphics, all you have to do is to download the pictures you want to keep playing over and over in your digital frame, laptop screensaver or on a TV screen.
Moreover, every year Snapfish tries to diversify and offer more than online photo services. This year for the Valentine’s Day, they are offering teddy bears, stickers, notepads, commuter/latte/cafe mugs, notebooks, square key rings, flip books, sterling silver necklaces, recordable cards, t-shirts, keepsake boxes, sterling silver bracelets, and even boxers (with your or your partner’s picture on it.) It can’t get any more personal than that. Or can it?

American Greetings
American Greetings came a long way from offering just a greeting card service. This year not only they are offering special customized cards, and a discount to go with it, but they are also offering help to create great love letters (just like from the works of great literary geniuses that have been researched in-depth by the American Greetings creative director, Rochelle Lulow, who looked into relationships and the modern language of love to create the greeting card company’s newest line of romance cards), suggestions on fun romantic dates, ideas for a perfect gift and more than 25 thoughts on how to celebrate tour relationship.
And even though some of those thoughts are pretty obvious, like “Hit the gym together for a little healthy activity and to blow off some workweek steam,” or “Watch some old romantic movies together,” or “Make and bring them breakfast in bed,” you will be surprised to learn how many of us forget to do and say these obvious simple things.

Amazon is no longer just a site for books, movies and music, it came a long way from those years, each year re-inventing itself by adding more products to buy and sell. On this year’s Valentine’s, Amazon decided not only to offer toys, candies and romantic music collections, but it now presents the shoppers with “adult” products for the Valentine’s Day gifts. It offers $10 off on orders over $50 on select intimate apparel and men’s underwear, including Naughty Gifts to Him/Her and Funny Gifts for Him/Her, like funny over-knee socks in stripes and hearts for her, and Lips cufflink or Valentine Hearts bowtie for him.
And as in its oldest tradition, Amazon also offers Great Valentine’s Films for Both Sexes, like Notebook and Jerry Maguire, accompanied with the readers reviews and synopsis summaries, which you can buy used for as low as $1.15.

Don’t wait till it’s too late to take advantage of next day shipping; you wouldn’t want to declare and show your love with a Ride-Aid’s napkins set with hearts.

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