April 24, 2009

Getting on a 9-Day Road Trip in Spain

The primary target was, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Seville - for obvious reasons, and while I was contemplating an idea to take this road trip seriously and waste no time, along the way I marked down Cordoba and Toledo as the places to take a breath in, have some change of cloths and probe a local cuisine.

However, the longer I spent looking into some of the destination spots I realized that Toledo and Cordoba have their own unique qualities. And not only – to our own surprise – these little towns ended up to be even more beautiful, old and historic than some of the big and known ones, like Valencia and Madrid.

If I could describe Spain, I would name a few things:
1. a relatively warm country (it was in high 50s at the end of November, which is a treat for all the Northern Americans),
2. poorer than some of other European countries,
3. most of Spain is a desert with villages that remind ghost towns in America, 4. not many people speak English,
5. Spaniards eat breakfast and dinner two-three hours later than we do. But this is not important; because when one travels little do we care about keeping a dining schedule.
The itinerary that I’m offering to you of the road trip might not look too “relaxing” and “laid-back” as you think, but if your goal is to see most of the country rather than chilling on a beach, then take the notes.

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