May 2, 2009

Is Europass a Good Option?

How to Find Local Travel Deals in Europe

If you are planning on traveling within Europe, use the local deals on Ryanair and EasyJet – two airfare, hotels and car rental websites, which all Europeans swear by.

Getting a Europass

Don’t even bother with a EuroPass unless you are planning on taking a train more than 20 times within a month, and to more than 3 locations at a time. As much comfort as the train system offers in Europe, it does come with certain inconviences for people who are not traveling light, and who have a limited amount of time on a trip.

The pass is perfect for students, who want to hop from city to city, country to country, traveling light (with a backpack), alone or with friends, and who don’t mind the hassle for getting to and from train terminals, conversing with the locals on and off the train.

In case you do decide to check out and/or get a Europass, visit here. Or go to Rail Europe, where you can you can buy seat reservations and pay in dollars before you leave North America.

For more Europass options and information on traveling in Europe by train, go to See Europe by Train.

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