May 19, 2009

Travel to DC for local and international events: some free, some not, but totally worth it

I can’t stress enough that one does not have to leave the town to see the world. Especially in the American cities with rich international culture and politics presence as Washington, D.C. is.
International Club of DC

Every week International Club of DC brings various cultures to live for D.C. residents, and beyond, introducing people to foreign cultures, politics, arts, people, travels, music and foreign affairs. From French gypsy concert to A Taste of Kazakh food and entertainment, there is an event for every heart and interest.

Check out a few upcoming ones this summer:

May 21, Liechtenstein Ambassador's Residence Rooftop Reception: Zum Wohl.
Enjoy a spring evening in a Liechtenstein Beer Garden at the Georgetown Rooftop Residence of Ambassador Claudia Fritsche. Take part in an intimate reception and a traditional Liechtenstein dinner feast along with wine produced by the Court-Winery of the Prince of Liechtenstein.

May 23, A Taste of Kazakhstan.

Join Embassy of Kazakhstan for a dinner feast, cultural presentation, and traditional dance performance. Located in Central Asia, south of Russia and northwest of China, Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world.
May 24, Experience France through a Guided Tour of the Hirshhorn Museum with lunch at the Smithsonian Castle.

(Louise Bourgeois' scary sculpture at the Tate Modern, London SE1. Photo by cybertech, flickr)
This guided tour of the Hirshhorn Museum allows you to experience the origins and evolution of the Smithsonian's museum of modern and contemporary art, and will focus on works of art by Louise Bourgeois, the French-born artist who emigrated to the United States in 1938.

(Louise Bourgeois, photo by

May 26, Languages of the World: French, Spanish, German, and Italian language discussion.
I meet many people in D.C. who have been to or lived in other countries, and who wished they continued endeavoring the foreign languages they’ve learned overseas. Many complain, or use it as a good excuse for forgetting a foreign language they’ve learned one day, that there is no one they know to practice the language with. Well, guess what, you do have many opportunities around the city to practice foreign languages with the like-minded folks who want to keep foreign language skills.

May 27, Two to Tango: An Evening in Buenos Aires - Argentine Tango Lessons and Latin dance party.
Aside from being one of the most beautiful dances a human invented in the world, Tango is also a dance that is good for any occasion, be it a wedding or a ballroom evening. At this "An Evening in Buenos Aires" you’ll spend an evening learning how to dance the Argentine Tango as it is danced in Buenos Aires, Argentina. First – a lesson, then – a show from Mezetango professional dancers to commemorate the glamorous years of the 1930s and in end of the night - more tango dancing and Latin music.

May 29, An Evening in Slovakia - Embassy of Slovakia Celebration of Art, Culture, Cuisine, and Wine.
On this evening you will discover Slovakia through all your senses while you meet the embassy staff and other local and international attendees. The evening starts with a concert of traditional Slovak music, followed by a traditional dinner of Slovak culinary delights prepared by the embassy chef.

June 01, French Embassy Gypsy Jazz Music Concert with Angelo Debarre and Ludovic Beier followed by a French with reception.

June 05, Embassy of Saudi Arabia Dinner Reception and Cultural Presentation.
And you will meet the embassy staff as well as other International Club of DC members with an interest in international cultures.

June 20, La Fête de la Musique at the Embassy of France.

(Summer Solstice with La Fête de la Musique favored by all French)

Since 1981, the French have been celebrating the Summer Solstice with La Fête de la Musique, a festival that showcases amateur and professional musicians playing in the streets. Traditionally, full of different musical colors, this event is a very joyful and unique experience, gathering people of all ages outdoors. La Maison française will recreate this atmosphere in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, June 21st.
July 01, Lebanese Taverna Hands-on Cooking class with reception and Dinner with Wine.
Would you like to recreate your favorite Lebanese Taverna dish at home? Whether you are a recreational chef or a beginner, join in on the fun and learn from the Chef at Lebanese Taverna.
To get your reservation, and any additional information pertained the event you are interested in, visit International Club of DC.
The Goethe-Institut in D.C.

There are 134 Goethe-Institutes in 82 countries, one of which is in Gottingen, Germany, where 15 years ago I studied German. And you can imagine how thrilled I was to find out that there is one in my hometown of D.C.

(The Goethe-Institut in Gottingen, Germany)

Twenty years ago when the whole world was watching closely developments on the border of Eastern and Western sides of Germany, Michael Gorbachev, former Russian president, stood behind one of the greatest modern history events – the fall of Berlin wall that separated Eastern and Western Germany.

And now we all can see behind the scenes of the event at the Goethe-Institut in D.C. that is hosting Icons of a Border Installation, a collection of photographs from Peter Frischmuth reflecting one district’s evolution across the time to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Using historic and current photos, accompanied by texts in which the wall finds a voice, 36 students at the Institute for Media Science in Paderborn, Germany attempt to ferret out the atmospheres of the past.

If you happened to miss the weekends of May 2 and May 9th’s D.C. embassies’ open houses, the weekends on which the embassies were open to the public, offering all kinds of adult and kid’s entertainment, food and information, don’t get disappointed. All 170 and plus foreign embassies in D.C. hold events throughout year.

A few local organizations let us know of such upcoming events on a daily basis. Check out International Club of DC, whose ambassadors scoop up events at embassies and gladly tell us about them online, and even on Facebook (if you happened to befriends some of the organizations on Facebook.

See if you want to become part of the local and foreign community, learn to speak their language, or just attend entertaining and educational events while living in the city or visiting D.C.
Facebook Groups to Befriend:
International Club of DC
Washington, DC
Cultural Tourism DC
Another good site to check out is Cultural Tourism DC or call 202-661-7581, which sometimes even hosts events around the city with an angle to make them entertaining for both – D.C. residents and visitors.
Europe in DC

Europe in DC organization, and site, is another way to learn about local events pertained to what D.C. is best at – culture, education, foreigners, history, politics, environment, economy, and art.

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