July 6, 2009

Paris now has its own Barack Obama

Maybe the French didn’t want to let go of the American first family after its visit to Paris last month, and now Paris has its own Barak Obama.

The new tourist sight has appeared in Paris: directly on the street, opposite to the Eiffel Tower, the wax figure of the American President – Barack Obama - now graces.

Barack Obama added to the wax collection of Parisian Grevin wax museum joining a rather elaborate collection of the international political leaders and other powerful world figures, such as John Kennedy, Charles de Gaulle of France, Germany's Angela Merkel, and Russia's Vladimir Putin. The museum, obviously, also has a wax figure of Nicolas Sarkozy.

(Angela Merkel, The Chancellor of Germany)

Founded in 1882 on the model of Madame Tussaud in London, the Grevin wax museum brings back great people and events of history in front of you in very realistic wax copies. This Paris museum draws more than 800,000 visitors each year. And today, tourists and locals will have another reason to visit the museum – Barack Obama.

According to the author of the sculpture, Eric Saint Chaffray, The President is a very authoritative person, the work of whose wax figure gave great pleasure to the artist. And even though the Grevin’s sculptor of 20 years has never met the president in person, he relied on numerous photos and video footage of the president to create the wax figure.

Now when you visit The Eiffel Tower in Paris, you might see one more familiar face among the many locals and tourists.
See the video here.

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