August 18, 2009

Virgin America's personal approach to targeting its audience via social media

This is not new, if you’ve at least once flew Virgin America, most likely you were left very satisfied with the experience – on-board entertainment, right there and in front of you to choose from many TV shows, series, movies and newest movies-on-demand; on-board healthy choices of foods (and not as expensive as you’d expect from an airline), friendly staff, clean and enough of leg room, as well as personal ‘concierge’ service not only in business, but in economy class when with a press of a button on the screen one can select food and drink up to one’s taste (e.g. a tea with/without sugar, with/without lemon…)

But this time Virgin America took a step further – with personalized emails that give flight deals with a bit of a personal touch. One can Tweet, Facebook and YouTube Virgin America flight deals. Way to go in social media marketing for the airlines!

So, here is a snapshot of an email - a picture speaks a thousand words. Three words to describe this marketing effort – appropriate, effective and spreadable. And you don’t even have to leave your email inbox to pick, book and pay for the flight.

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