October 18, 2009

China blows away the world with its 60th anniversary of communist celebration

The Chinese citizens and the government have been preparing for this day for a few months now, starting rehearsals as early as July. China is celebrating its 60th Anniversary of Communism today, or – the forming of the Chinese National Republic, which took place on October 1st, 1949.

For months the city have been swiping the streets, renovating buildings, which then were colored in red – and other Chinese symbolism - present in everything that has got to do with the anniversary. It seems that for this country – celebrating years of communism – is as big of a celebration as the 7th of October celebration of The October Revolution was for Russia up until the moment the communist USSR ceased to exist.

As I look at the photos and description of how local government and state agencies handle the celebrations preparations, I reminiscence of what it was like when I was a teenager attending the communist celebrations with my parents in Russia – months in advance the government would run through parades with military, national athlete teams, and orchestras. Many red flags would be cut out and sewed for the celebrations.

(Chinese kids today)

During the preparations that took place in China this year, some areas of the Chinese capital were blocked at night and in the early morning wee-wee hours for rehearsals of military parade, art representations, music assemblies, athletic shows, fireworks and many other things - all in masses. Chinese, on their end, also made some personal individual preparations – from baking goods to symbolize certain Chinese symbolic achievements and pieces of architecture to people making hairdos to showcase their pride for the regime.

Chinese are known to be proud of their long story, heritage and cultural contributions, thus it does not come as a surprise that the citizens of China spent so many grueling hours decorating, rehearsing, making, fixing and innovating for the 60th Anniversary parades and celebrations around the country.

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