October 18, 2009

Exhibitions at the London's Fashion and Textile Museum: from Little Black Dress to Foale and Tuffin

"Little Black Dress" exhibition
"Little Black Dress" exhibition
London's Fashion and Textile Museum

A little black dress has become a cult among the things that one gal should have. Designers mention it, socialites mention it, Hollywood mentions it, and fashionistas around the world swear by it. It’s been always on the mouths of people who consider a little black dress a “must have” in one’s woman’s wardrobe. That’s why it should be a surprise that a museum in one of the leading fashion cities in the world, London, dedicated the whole exhibition to it. The London museum of a fashion presents you with the exhibition of a little black dress. Coco Channel would have been proud of it.

Everyone knows about the little black dress, and what it means for the wardrobe – it’s a must-have for any woman out there. Coco Channel stated it once, and it clinked to the best of minds in fashion world. From now on, any woman knows the ‘magic’ of having a little black dress around. Basically, it’s a dress for any occasion – it’s a savor in any situation when a girl or a woman needs to dress up.

Any gal has at least heard once about a little black dress, and, most likely, owns at least one of them (if not a few.) Having it in one’s closet is as classic as having a pair of good jeans, a cashmere sweater, a white long sleeve shirt and a pair of khaki pants – it’s just a “must-to-have”.

If you have been around in London this summer, you would have been one of the first to see it the exhibition, but don’t loose any hope. A little black dress is never out of fashion, if it’s “out” of the London Museum. What prompted me to write about it past due is the fact that it the exhibition was just another proof that a little black dress is an icon, and it should not be denied the title. "The Little Black Dress" exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum explored the role of this celebrated garment in women's lives and fashion history.

The exhibition showcased the history of a little black dress starting in the 20s, ending with its interpretations of the contemporary designers. The display included little black dresses designed by John Galliano, Amanda Wakeley, Betsy Johnson and dresses worn by some of the most famous celebrities, such as Victoria Bekham. It’s never out of fashion, and myself, I’ve used it quite often, especially iin the situations when I couldn’t decide what to wear – a little black dress always saves one women from the chaos of deciding last minute what to wear.

Trends come and go but for over 90 years the Little Black Dress has remained a powerful fashion icon--a constant on the catwalk, red carpet, and in many women's wardrobes.

Don’t worry if you missed it, you can still catch the “Foale and Tuffin – Made in England” exhibition going from October 23 through February 24, 2010.

The Fashion and Textile Museum is staging a retrospective exhibition of Foale and Tuffin - two influential designers who were at the heart of the cultural explosion in London in the Sixties.
The Foale and Tuffin label was what cool girls wore - colorful, pop-inspired mini-dresses and trend-setting trouser suits were just some of the key pieces that were ahead of their time in developing popular, desirable fashion.

Foale and Tuffin - Made in England will present a vibrant and inspiring representation of two key British fashion designers of the 1960s and the part they played in creating the changing London scene. It will revisit the Sixties vibe by recreating their boutique, showroom and design studio. Welcome back to the world of Twiggy and other fashion trend initiators.

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