October 18, 2009

Many faces of fall festivals: The Apple Festival in West Virginia

If you think that fall brings fewer activities than the summer, you might be not the only one wrong. Though, the long bright summer days are over, and the rain is crippling on us every day now, we still have the local wonders to keep us entertained when we leave our work offices.

Every year in the fall around the USA there are “farm”-related events, depending on a state and its local crop that make residents of their states. One state celebrates “A Garlic Festival” (California), another – “A Nuts Festival” (as peanuts, chestnuts, almonds, etc.), and a third one celebrates “A Maple Syrup Festival” (Indiana). The Eastern Canada, the likes of Quebec, would be happy to know that USA grows acknowledges and farms the juice of a maple tree as well.

Gilroy Garlic Festival, California, 2009

Virginia, on the other hand, is not like any other state – it is proud of its very diverse and abundant apple farming. And each year, just about this time, West Virginia puts together activities around the Apple Festival, where the locals showcase anything that is possible to do and make with an apple: from games to ciders.

The Apple Festival, West Virginia, 2009

(Video provided by Voice of America Russia News Services. Director: Svetlana Prudovskaya, a proud resident of Bethesda, MD.) For more information, click here.

For Virginia apple festivals and events, please visit here.

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