July 27, 2010

"Eat Pray Love - Unforgettable" - In theaters 8/13

Eat, Pray, Love...

Just about everything I'd like to do. Can't wait for the film to come out. Opens 8/13/2010 in USA.

To my shame, I've ordered and received a book "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert a while ago, but it's been on the book shelf all this time, waiting for a long trip where I get to read the book during the travel. Plus, it never hurts to see Javier Bardem - so easy on an eye - on a big screen (who tied the knot with the no less beautiful Penelope Cruz).

India, Italy, Bali...

The movie is set around India, Italy, Bali - ahh, music to my ears.

So, don't be like me, get the book and ready it by the premier of the movie. It's always nice to know if a film is as good as the book, or the other way around.

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