October 26, 2010

European and American architecture of DC by a cruise

And not just any cruise – board the Odyssey by Entertainment Cruises that offers National Harbor cruises for kids and adults.

Of course there will be no full served meal and alcohol on a kids’ boat, but nevertheless, the accommodations offered to the kids on a cruise around DC are more than enough to please both kids and parents – from music and games to fun snacks and “educational” views of the DC sights. And even know I haven’t experienced the kids’ cruise, I’ve been on a boat, I’ve seen the comfortable chairs, decks, tables, Shirley Temple makers and more. But what impresses me the most is that all kinds of kids’ parties could be booked on this cruise: from school related events to bar & bat mitzvahs, although I do like the “wedding option” of the cruise.

This year around though, the cruises are getting to be more tailored to the public because there are quite a few cruise companies in the area of DC that offer similar services and accommodations, and it’s up to every single person to choose the one that serves one’s own specific purpose – be it a special date or a colleagues’ night out.

For example the Odyssey and Spirit of Washington cruises decided to offer new options in the coming season (this season of warm weather that allows to spend more time on a deck, rather than inside the ship, is almost over, unfortunately).

And these options to enhance the experience for guests visiting National Harbor, include: tours open for individual parties sailing from the National Harbor marina on the Spirit of Washington and the Odyssey.

Previously offering cruises solely for groups, the select cruises on the Spirit of Washington and the Odyssey will now allow individuals, couples, families, and small groups of friends to enjoy the three-hour scenic cruise, with the glistening lights of National Harbor as the backdrop. And I can pertain to it that the staff is extremely accommodating on a cruise, there are a lot of smiles and laughter, the servings of silverware are very well arranged. Moreover, the DJs are very good at involving the audience to participate in the music “festivities” of a cruise, giving the last standing applause to a group dance at the end of a cruise.

Both cruises unmatched views of the Potomac, illuminated monuments and bridges of the city it’s so well known for, and, of course - fine dining and drinking.

I must say, it’s perfect not only for a weekend glide, but it makes your Monday worthwhile an early get up and a rush-up of the things at work that accumulated during the weekend of absence.

This Chicago-based Entertainment Cruises, Inc. was formed in 2006 when Spirit Cruises LLC, and Premier Yachts Inc., joined forces. The company serves 1.5 million guests annually with a fleet of 24 ships in nine cities – Baltimore; Boston; Chicago; Norfolk, Va.; Philadelphia; National Harbor, MD; New York; Washington, D.C.; and Weehawken, N.J. Entertainment Cruises’ brand portfolio includes dining and entertainment cruises Odyssey Cruises, Spirit Cruises, Mystic Blue Cruises, and Bateaux New York; Elite Yacht Charters, which offers custom private charters; and Baltimore Harbor Cruises. Ships are one-, two- and three-deck vessels, and accommodate from 110 to 850 guests, depending on the individual ship, for lunch, dinner and sightseeing cruises year-round. The company and its products are known for outstanding product quality and service.

As the Vice President of the Entertainment Cruises, Sal Naso, puts it: “The food, drinks and music is as important to us for guests’ satisfaction as are the routes we choose to take our guests around, the staff we hire and the room cabin temperature we keep”. Spoken like a true captain.

Their upcoming Odyssey cruises include Veteran’s Day Lunch Cruise – November 11, Annual Tree Lighting and Fireworks Dinner Cruise – November 26, and New Year’s Eve Dinner Cruise – December 31.

I for myself liked the crowd of guests that ranges from young couples and ladies’ groups to older couples that were all about the old-school satisfaction that, according to my conversation with a few – the Odyssey cruise has achieved that night.

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