February 24, 2015

The Time I Once Saw the Oscars Live...Almost

In this day and age one no longer has to travel to an event to be a "part of it". Or at least it's what the social media is trying to do - to engage the people across the planet with an event they can't attend, like it was with the Oscars.

However, when it comes to a such commercial event, as the Oscars, the social media is more than just the "conversation" - it's a promotional tool and the Academy was betting on bringing more people to the box offices before the event and continue bringing the viewers to not only see the Academy Awards ceremony, but to also visit the digital assets of the show - the blogs, the websites and the social media channels. This was more than just a desire to get the people involved in the show, there was a commercial tactic to it.

Here's what one of the leading design and marketing agencies in NYC, Vertic, brought to our attention this year. Since Vertic's launch in 2002, their approach to working with the Fortune 500 clients has been interdisciplinary, combining strategy, storytelling, creativity and interactive design. In one of their blogs they are sharing an interesting inforgraphics and raise a question of whether the social media has corrupted the Oscars. Here's the full blog.

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